This site is for borrowers whose loans we hold, whom we have contacted (sometimes through our servicers). We do not originate, refinance, or issue loans.

Email: info(at)secondchancehomeloans(dot)com
Toll free: 800-343-6740
Phone: 541-632-6578
Fax: 866-924-9836

Application checklist:

  • Completed Universal Borrower Assistance Form (UBAF) download
  • IRS tax returns for most recent two years.
  • Income documentation for most recent two months
  • 2x months most recent bank and and other financial account statements (stocks, money market, securities, retirement accounts…)
  • Other hardship documentation as described in UBAF.
  • Most recent first mortgage statement.
  • Pictures of each interior room and each exterior side of the property (or recent appraisal).
  • Homeowner’s insurance declarations page.
  • Copy of the first mortgage modification (if any).
  • Authorization to talk to other lender(s)
  • Letter with any additional information to help us understand your current situation.

This IRS website describes circumstances under which retirement funds may be withdrawn in a hardship distribution.

Your accountant is your best source of information on the specifics of your situation.

State Assistance Programs

Many states have Hardest Hit Funds or other public assistance programs to help homeowners. Contact us or HUD for further information. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sponsors free housing counseling services. To find a HUD-Approved housing counselor in your area call (800) 569-4287 or visit this website.

We are debt collectors. We may be attempting to collect a debt. Any information you give may be used for that purpose. If you are currently in bankruptcy or have been discharged from bankruptcy, this is not, and should not be construed as an attempt to collect a debt, but as enforcement of a lien against property.